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How to win my heart:

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  • When a guy is straight up with me.
  • Walk with me to places I have never been before.
  • Listen to my rants. Just be quiet, I just want to release some tension.
  • Write me a letter.
  • Make me feel important in your life.
  • Just be there for me and let me share memories with you.
  • Do not take me for granted.
  • Give me your time.
  • If we are fighting, fight for me to stay, give me a reason to stay.
  • Talk to me about anything and everything.
  • Remember even the smallest details about me.
  • Doing the simplest things for me, makes me the happiest.
  • Make stupid, pointless videos/pictures with me.
  • Take me on adventures I’ve never been on before.
  • Cook weird foods with me.
  • Help me get through all the levels of Mario.
  • Trust me by either telling me your secrets or crazy ass stories.
  • You’re not afraid to be yourself.
  • Honesty. I value this a lot. I hate it when people lie to me. If I ever find out that someone has lied to me I will never look at them the same.
  • I absolutely love conversations that jump around from one random topic to another. If you can do this seamlessly without any trouble then you have my heart.
  • Take me as I am, flaws and all and you have won my heart.
  • Play with my hair.
  • Cuddle with me.
  • Have patience with me. I know I’m easily wound up and become frustrated quickly, but ideally you would be the person that could calm me down instantly. 
  • Tackling. I love play fights and wrestling.
  • Sing to me. I don’t care how crappy you sound, I want to hear you sing. I like it when people sing me pretty songs to sleep. Playing an instrument is a bonus.
  • Get along with my family and friends. My family and friends mean the world to me so he has to get along with them.
  • Surprises!
  • Being a gentleman; come to the door to pick me up and meet my dad, then walk me to my door at the end of the night. Hold open doors, be respectful, not just to me but to everyone.
  • Teasing. Don’t take everything so seriously, I joke about everything. Being able to keep up with witty comments and getting my sense of humor go a long way.
  • When your actions speak louder than words; you can say whatever you want, but when you can prove it and back it up that means alot to me. Because you can tell people whatever they want to hear, but you can’t always show them if you don’t believe it yourself.

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